CSA Richmond 1862 rifle-musket


CSA Richmond 1862 rifle-musket



In 1861, the Confederacy captured the Union-held town of Harper’s Ferry in Western Virginia and salvaged the machinery used to manufacture Springfield Model 1855 muskets. Production began in Richmond in October 1861 retaining the general form of the Model 1855, but without the Maynard tape primer mechanism and patch box. The lock plate milling machine was modified in March 1862 to make manual capping easier by lowering the characteristic tape primer hump. Forged iron butt plate and nose cap were replaced by brass butt plate and nose cap.

Spec: Cal 0.58. Twist 1:72, 3 grooves. Barrel lenght 1010 mm, overall lenght 1422 mm.

Made by Davide Pedersoli & C.

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CSA Richmond 1862 rifle-musket