Springfield M1842 musket




Both the Harpers Ferry and Springfield Armories produced the Model 1842 U.S. Percussion Musket in great numbers from 1844 to 1855. This reproduction is true to the original measurements, with a 42″ barrel and a total length of 58 inches. The Model 1842 was notable in several aspects, mainly that it was the .69 caliber musket. Additionally, it was the first weapon made at both the Harpers Ferry and Springfield Armory with completely interchangeable parts. The lockplate is stamped with Federal eagle in front of the hammer and vertically marked ” Spring-field” in two lines behind the hammer. The lock and tang are dated 1847. The barrel is stamped with the correct style V.P. and eagle head proof marks are on the breech. The butt plate is marked U.S. The sling swivel are riveted as per the original. One piece walnut oil finished stock.

Technical:  Caliber .69, smoothbore. Barrel lenght 42″, total lenght 58″. Weight 4,8 kg.

Made by Chiappa

Springfield M1842 musket