1862 Sharps Confederate Carbine – Pedersoli



A simplified copy of the popular Sharps breechloaders used by mounted Federal troops, this Confederate carbine was issued to cavalry units. This version borrowed from the 1859 Sharps model and produced in about five thousand units by the “S.C. Robinson Arms Manufactury” in Richmond, Virginia from 1862 to 1863. The Pedersoli’s reproduction is addressed to the fonds of American guns and to the historical re-enactors of the Civil War era. Suitable for historical reenactment, sport target shooting, and wild hunting.

Technical: Caliber .54

Twist 1200 mm (1:48”)
Barrel’s length 560 mm
Overall length 985 mm
Weight 3,7 kg

1862 Sharps Confederate Carbine – Pedersoli