An IX De Davallerie



Reproduction of one of the most representative models equipping the Napoleon troops. It equipped all the cavalry corps (hunters, cavalrymen, grenadiers, lancers, carabineers and dragoons). With small modification the gun was distributed to some infantry corps and to the navy. The cavalry musket was manufactured until the 1816 in about 225,000 units.

This replica made by Pedersoli has got smooth barrel bore, a beautiful walnut stock, and the butt plate, the trigger guard, the side plate and the front band are in brass. A cartridge typically consists of 60 grains of black powder, thin cotton patch and a .69 or .675 led ball (both calibers fit, it just depends which ones are available and on the thickness of the patch).

Technical: Flintlock, smoothbore .69 cal, barrel length 760 mm, total lenght 1140 mm.

Made by Pedersoli


An IX De Davallerie