Remington New Model Army 1858 – Uberti



The Remington is a single-action, six-shot, percussion revolver produced by E. Remington & Sons, Ilion, N.Y., based on the Fordyce Beals patent of September 14, 1858.

Remington percussion revolvers are very accurate and capable of considerable power with muzzle velocities in the range of 550 to 1286+ feet-per-second, depending upon the charge loaded by the shooter. Though many percussion revolvers were on the market before during and after the Civil War no firearm offered such a challenge to the dominant Colt revolvers as did the 1858 Remington.  As elegant as the Colt revolvers were they lacked the strength of the solid frame Remington. Perhaps not as easily dismantled for cleaning the Remington 1858 was full framed and capable of bearing under greater abuse than the open-top design of the Colt.

The Remington revolver permitted easy cylinder removal, allowing a quick reload with a spare pre-loaded cylinder (an advantage over other revolver designs of the time).

Caliber .44.

Duelist1954 video: Uberti’s Remington New Model Army Revolver

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Remington New Model Army 1858 – Uberti